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When you decide to start a business, you're faced with a number of critical tasks, many of which may fall outside your core areas of expertise. The thoughtful creation of a branding strategy is likely one of those "what do I do?" situations.

Working with a branding professional can be the key to getting your business started on the path to success. Individuals who specialize in branding can provide invaluable counsel to you, guiding you through the complicated process of identifying the central focus of what your business stands for, something that must happen before you begin execution of any branding components.

Where's the Value

A branding professional will evaluate your business (typically using your business plan as a guide) and assess the marketplace before recommending image elements. You may retain someone to merely assist you with visual branding (i.e., logo, typestyle and colors) or you may want a branding professional to help you with everything related to branding, which includes not only visual elements, but things like how the phone is answered at your business and how your product is packaged

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